Romania Moonshine Laws – Home distilling laws


Romania Home distilling laws

In Romania, moonshine is known in different names such as tuica, palinca and rachiu. The moonshine is produced in rural areas and they follow traditional methods. They produce moonshine for self-consumption as well as sale. In the past production of moonshine was illegal in Romania. However, considering the traditional character of the beverage the Romanian government made changes in the Moonshine Laws.

The government tolerated the production of moonshine at homes. Some of the communities in Romania acquired the license to produce moonshine and they carry out legal production. Production of moonshine is subject to government inspection according to XXX Romania laws. After inspection the authorities will levy alcohol tax. The distilleries that have not declared are illegal even if they are for personal use. The moonshine is sold in markets, roadsides and fairs. They are supplied in unlabeled PET bottles.

Since making own moonshine is legal in Romania under the home distillation laws, home distillation is very common in this country and people feel proud of drinking moonshine made by them. Making one’s own drink is a part of Romanian culture. Drinking is mainly a male activity in Romania. Here women drink only very little. In Romania drinking is a sign of manliness.

Home brewing in Romania


Romania moonshine laws

In Romania, home brewing of beer and wine are legal since according to Romanian Law, beer and wine are foodstuffs and hence they are not subjected to restrictions and taxation that are imposed on alcoholic beverages.

The people of Romania are the heaviest beer drinking people in the world. Some of the most popular Romanian beer varieties include Ursus, Stejar and Timisoreana. International brands like Heineken, Skol, Carlsberg and Stella Artois are also made locally in Romania. These brands are costlier than the traditional brands. Romania also produce beers specially made for the low-end market. This type of beer comes in 2 liter PET bottles. Examples of this type of beer brands are Azuga, Noroc, Golden, Ciucas and Burger.  The beer pubs of Romania are places where people conduct social as well as business meetings. The beer pubs are mainly for the urban middle-class population of Romania.

Brief history of Moonshine

romania-moonshine-laws-2The moonshine varieties like tuica, rachiu and palinca were introduced by the ancient Romanian population known as Dacians. The Dacians were highly intelligent as well as inventive. They experimented various natural products and found out that tuica can be produced from anything that ferments. Right from ancient times, tuica is a popular alcoholic beverage in Romania. In northern Romania tuica is produced with an alcoholic content of 60%. This variety is called palinca.