Moonshine Laws in India – Home distilling laws


India Home distilling laws

In India, the moonshine that is produced locally is called Tharra. The process involves fermentation of the mash of sugarcane pulp. According to Moonshine laws, it is illegal to produce moonshine in India. While the other traditional alcoholic liquors in India such as arrack and Toddy are legal, production of moonshine is illegal. These illegally made liquors are not safe for consumption and Hooch tragedies are common in India. The Hooch tragedies had killed hundreds of people in different parts of the country. Those who are caught will be arrested by the police and all the equipment and the illicit liquor stored by them will be seized. So far the police had busted many organized rackets producing a large quantity of illicit liquor. The laborers and drivers often fall victims by consuming the illegal liquor that has very high levels of methanol content. Deaths due to consumption of poisonous moonshine are very common in India.

Home distillation


India moonshine laws

According to distillation laws home-brewing of beer and wine are legal in India as long as it is for personal consumption. However, the majority of Indians prefer hard liquor to beer. Though home-distilling of alcohol is not illegal under the home distilling laws, the practice of distilling alcohol in home is

not popular in India. The distilling laws in India vary from state to state. The state liquor laws are indeed very stringent also. Those who want to carry out home distillation of alcohol have to obtain the license for the same from the department of Customs and Central Excise. Running a microbrewery is a very challenging task in India. Apart from the tough liquor laws in the states, the hurdles one has to overcome to obtain the license for distillation, financial restrictions and a shortage of technically skilled labor to carry out the distillation process are the various other factors that make the venture highly challenging. Since there is no uniform rule, one has to follow the distillation laws of the particular state for brewing wine as well as beer in a home.

Brief history of moonshine

moonshine-laws-in-india-3The traditional Indian moonshine is known as Tharra. Tharra is made by fermenting the mash of sugarcane pulp. Production moonshine has been illegal in India from long back and hooch tragedies are common in the country. A lot of people die in various parts of the country as a result of consuming the unsafe moonshine that is produced locally. In India, toddy and arrack are more popular than moonshine in the countryside. Toddy is an alcoholic liquor made from either palm trees or coconut trees. Arrack is produced from fermented fruit juices.