Wyoming Moonshine Laws

Situated in the Rocky Mountains, the state of Wyoming never emphasized much on curtailing the network of moonshiners that existed underground. In fact, with abundant places to hide in the mountains, it has always been an ideal place for moonshiners for manufacturing and distributing moonshine. Wyoming was among the last few states that implemented the federal prohibition law. Even after the state had imposed the ban, many counties refrained from accepting it and spoke out against it. Moreover, moonshining was so deep rooted into the system that even after prohibition two ministers were charged and fired for being involved in the moonshining business.

Furthermore, the development and growth of NASCAR has also been attributed to these moonshiners in mountainous areas. In order to escape from law enforcing agencies, they used to modify their cars and once prohibition was repealed, these cars were used in racing and subsequently NASCAR emerged.

After the legalization of distilled spirits, it has taken some time for legal distilleries to emerge and now slowly the number is increasing with distilleries such as Wyoming Whiskey leading the way.

  1. Is owning a still legal?

 It is illegal to own a still or to manufacture moonshine without a license. Any person owns a still or manufactures moonshine is subjected to a fine of up to $1000 or imprisonment for a year or both. All of the equipment will be confiscated by the state. (Wyoming Statute 12-8-102)

Any licensed distiller can provide samples to customers up to 1.5 ounces and 2 samples per person in a day. (Wyoming Statute 12-2-203)

There has been no exception made for craft distillation of moonshine though manufacturing fermented beverages for personal use is not illegal.

  1. Is it possible to get a “student permit” to distil ethanol as a part of school science assignment?

Under no circumstances is distilling ethanol legal at homes even for educational purposes. But if an educational institute requires setting up a distilling apparatus for projects or assignments, then TTB can give special license. For obtaining this license, an institute representative has to fill out the TTB form 5110.74 which is free of cost. Or students can visit TTB certified distilleries for carrying out the procedure after necessary approvals.  Additionally, make sure to check with the Wyoming Liquor Board to see if you are missing anything.

  1. What kind of a permit do I need to distill ethanol in Wyoming?

You need to have a manufacturer’s license given by the state. You can get the form by contacting Wyoming Liquor Board. Additionally, an annual fee of $250 will also be charged. Please note that it’s imperative to obtain a federal TTB Basic Permit and a TTB Spirits Distillation Plant Permit for the state to issue you a license. Without these licenses the state will not give you a manufacturer’s license. You can get these permits by filling the following form:

TTB Distilled Spirit plant

TTB Basic Permit

If you want to manufacture ethanol fuel, then you should fill the free TTB form 5110.74 and submit it. No state form is required for making ethanol fuel for domestic use.

  1. Is distillation of essential oils or water legal in Wyoming?

The laws do not deem the distillation of water or other non-alcoholic beverages illegal in Wyoming Statute 12-8-102, so it can be understood that distillation of water and oils. can be done while staying within the bounds of the law.

For more information, visit the Wyoming Liquor Division official website.

Wyoming Moonshine Still Construction

Wyoming Moonshine Still Construction

Finally, we are not lawyers, this info is for your entertainment only, so be sure to consult a crafty moonshine laws lawyer before spending any monies on your own distillation plant!

“Remember, the distillation of ethyl-alcohols is illegal without a permit per federal moonshine laws and is inherently dangerous because of ethanol’s flammability (never operate a homemade still indoors). For more moonshine laws and other moonshine still permit information, visit: http://www.ttb.gov/spirits/faq.shtml.”


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