Indiana Moonshine Laws

Finally, at long last, Indiana distilleries are now filling mugs full of moonshine to tourists in a Hoosier fashion. Remember the Kentucky Bourbon Trail? Well neither do those lucky Indianians who are tipping back some shine. Thank goodness and golly almighty sanctioned productions are legal. Makes you want to get all squishy about the Indiana State Legislature (Indiana Moonshine laws Code (IC) Section 7.1). Uhhh, that just rolls off the tongue. This little market just stepped up its game and is definitely going to flourish for the visitors in coming years. Post-prohibition era, distillation remained barred for several decades until now. Let Freedom Ring. Right? Now, famous Indiana spirit firms such as: 3-Floyd Breweries and Plus Sun King played a significant role in convincing the State legislature to legalize such small-scale distilleries. Cheers, big ears!

Let’s face it, the day the natives of Indiana pass on home-made hooch, will be the day spirits lose their ability to remain trendy, inventive, and well-flavoured. Eh em. Which is never. This also includes custom-flavoured rye, and other varieties of moonshines; admired by locals and tourists alike. That’s how you make it happen.

  1. Is Owning a still legal?                                                                                                                                                                             

Moonshine law

IC 7.1-5-6-1: It is a Class C misdemeanor for a person to own or use a still or distilling apparatus to manufacture liquor, except as otherwise provided in this title. So you can own a still, but can’t legally distill alcohol without a permit, nope, not even a lil’ homemade still sans permit.

IC 7.1-2-5-5 : Any type of ethanol beverage, or apparatus used in manufacturing ethanolic beverages, or any conveyance for transporting , shall always, by whomever held, be qualified by the right of the state, the commission, and the chairman, to administer, execute and enforce the provisions of this title… the state controls it all! And of course can seize the still and other property, ouch.


So you know two things can happen in Indiana. One. Travel to Indiana and get your swerve on with some top-notch shine. Two. Get your swerve on in a private home-still and you’ll attract the long arm of the law to shake you our of your shined-out stupor.


  1. What kind of a permit do I need to distill alcohol in Indiana?

A Commercial distillery permit, : Indiana distillation law IC 7.1-3-7-1: A Distiller’s Permit costs $2000. This may seem like a hefty ransom, but the truth is it’s a lot cheaper than having all your booze confiscated, facing fines or possibly jail time, and well, having all your shine going down the wrong pipes.                                                                                                                                                                                  

-An artisan distiller’s permit Indiana distillation law IC 7.1-3-27(2): Sec. 2.: An artisan distiller’s permit ($250) may be purchased, as provided in this chapter, for manufacturing liquor. Sec. 3. : An artisan distiller may produce up to ten thousand gallons of liquor a year. In case you’re wondering, that’s a whole lot of adult soda. Drink it all by your lonesome and share it with your kith and kin. Only if they are of age.

A Fuel tax License: This FREE license enables the owner to produce ethanol for Fuel Use blending per Indiana moonshine law form FT-1, form 42697, but don’t forget you still need to apply for building permits.

-Note: Remember, A Federal permit is still always required in every state.

A word to the wise, plan your movements and your still with care and concern. This is the best way to make sure you’ve got nothing to worry about but the party ending too soon.

Permits and laws may change from state to state, but partying ain’t never going out of style. Not today. Not tomorrow. And definitely not when the moon is shining full and bright and the moonshine is just right.

Indiana Still Construction

Indiana Still Construction


For more instructions and guidelines, visit the links below.   – Alcohol Beverage Applications & Forms (Indiana Alcohol & Tobacco Commission) – State Forms Online Catalog (Official website of Indiana) – Indiana Government Website.


“Remember, the distillation of ethyl-alcohols is illegal without a permit per federal moonshine laws and is inherently dangerous because of ethanol’s flammability (never operate a homemade still indoors). For more moonshine laws and other moonshine still permit information, visit:

Finally, we are not lawyers, this info is for your entertainment only, so be sure to consult a crafty moonshine laws lawyer before spending any monies on your own distillation plant.